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Q: Can I donate books to the library?


The KSU Library System welcomes donations of books or other library materials that enhance or develop the library collection.

Whom to contact about my donation?

To ensure the proper receiving and timely processing of donated materials, we strongly encourage our potential donors to contact the Collection Development Unit and make arrangements for your donation. Here is the contact information:

Director of Collection Development
Phone: 470-578-7920
Donated Materials Coordinator
Phone: 470-578-7465

What happens to the materials after I donate them to the Library System?

Once we have received your donated materials, the librarians from the Collection Development Unit will review and evaluate each item. Based on the results of their evaluation, the librarians will make a decision to add the materials to the collection, to transfer them to the Friends of the Library or to another institution, or to discard any items in poor or hazardous condition.

Can I get my donated books back if librarians decided not to add them to the collection?

Our Collection Development Policy states that your donated materials become the property of the KSU Library System once we receive them. We do not send the donated materials back to the original donor regardless of the librarians’ recommendations for the donated items. Additionally, the libraries have very limited working space for storing donated materials, which prohibits us from keeping donated materials for an extended time.

Does the Library System provide appraisals for my donated materials?

We do not appraise donated materials. The donor will be responsible for determining the estimated fair value of the items donated. Upon request, donors may receive a copy of a signed Deed of Gift form as an acknowledgment of the donation.

Can libraries reject my donation?

The KSU Library System reserves the right to accept or reject donations when necessary or appropriate.

For more information


For more information about donating materials to the KSU Library System, please contact the Donated Materials Coordinator.

For more information about donating materials to the KSU Friends of the Library, please contact the Chair of the Friends of the Library.

To suggest a purchase, please fill out the purchase request form on the library website.

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