Q: What does "T-General," "S-General," or "J-General" mean?


S-General, J-General, and T-General are the way SuperSearch displays the different locations in the KSU Library System. They tell you which library has the book, and where to find it inside the library.

Some of the common library locations are listed below.

SuperSearch Display Library Location
FLRC Foreign Language Resource Collection
Pilcher Building
J-General Johnson Library General Collection (2nd floor)
J-Popular Johnson Library Popular Literature Collection(1st floor)
J-Reference Johnson Library Reference (2nd floor)

Academy of Language and Literacy
Bagwell College of Education

M-Archives KSU Archives (Kennesaw campus)
M-Johnson Archives KSU Archives (Marietta campus)
R-General KSU Library Repository
Books are stored off-campus but can be requested using your library account
S-General Sturgis Library General Collection (2nd floor)
S-GovDoc Sturgis Library Government Documents (3rd floor)


Sturgis Library Microform Collection (3rd floor)
S-Reference Sturgis Library Reference Collection (3rd floor)
S-Teen Sturgis Library Teen Literature Collection (3rd floor)
Teacher Resource and Activity Corner
Bagwell College of Education


Books and other items at Sturgis Library, Johnson Library, and the Library Repository can all be requested between library locations using your library account.

To use books and other items at the Foreign Language Resource Center, the KSU Archives, or the Teacher Resource and Activity Corner, please refer to these FAQs:

For more information


For more information about donating materials to the KSU Friends of the Library, please refer to our FAQ, "Can I donate books to the library?"

To suggest a purchase, please fill out the purchase request form on the library website.

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