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Q: How do I obtain books not available at KSU, but listed as available at another USG library?


  1. On the library homepage, click "Useful Links" on the left side of the page, then open GIL Express.
    Open Useful Links menu --> Open GIL Express link
  2. Log into your Library Account.
  3. Enter your search term(s) in the search box and press "Search."
    Enter search terms and click search
  4. A list of items matching your search will be displayed. Items that are currently available through the KSU Libraries will have a green dot next to them with their location. Items with a yellow dot and "Check Holdings" will need to be ordered through GIL Express.
  5. If you need to order a book through GIL Express:An information table will be shown on the screen. Click on the "More Libraries" link next to Kennesaw State University on the top of the table.
    Click "More Libraries"
  6. All the USG schools that own the book will be listed. Select the institution closest to the library where you want to pick up the book. Then click on the Request link to proceed.
    Choose the owning library, then click "Request"
    • Click on the Get It link on the bottom of the item record on the search result page or
    • Clicking on the hyperlinked title of the item from the search result page, then click on the Get It link
  7. If the book is part of a multi-volume set, select the volume you'd like to request by clicking Request link under Options then submit your request. If you need more than one volume from the set, repeat the same steps.
  8. On the next screen select your pick up institution and library. You can pick your books up at any USG library. To pick the book up at a KSU Library:
    • Choose Kennesaw State University from the "Pickup Institution" menu.
    • Choose either Johnson or Sturgis Library for your "Pickup Library."

    Choose your pickup institution (i.e., Kennesaw State University), then choose your pickup library (i.e., Johnson Library)
    The only required fields are Pickup Institution and Pickup Library. You can skip:
    • Material Type
    • Terms of Use
    • Not Needed After
    • Comment
  9. Last, click on Request.You will receive an email at your KSU email address when your book is ready to be picked up. You can view GIL Express requests in your library account. When your book is ready to be picked up, bring your KSU ID to the Check Out Desk to get it.

If you have difficulties making the request, please call the Research Help desk at 470-578-6325. For more information about GIL Express click here.

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For more help, email the ILL Office or call 470-578-6002 with any questions.

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