Q: Can I request books be delivered between libraries?


You may use OWL Swoop service to request books be delivered from Johnson Library to Sturgis Library and vice versa. Follow the steps below to make the request:

  1. On the library homepage, click on the Books tab and search for the book you need. The search result page will be displayed.
  2. Use the options on the left side of the results page to refine your search.
    • Click on Available in the Library link under Show only to see only physical items.
    • Select Books under Format group to view only books.
  3. The refined search result page will be shown. On the search result page, you will see the book location information under each book record. To request the book be delivered to the other library:
    1. Go to the "Get It" section of the page. You can scroll there, or click "Get It" on the left side of the page.
      1. If you are not already logged in to your library account, click "Sign-in for more options."
      2. Log in to your library account.
    After you have logged in, click the "Request" link next to "Request Options"
  4. You will get a short form to fill out to request the book. Kennesaw State University is already filled in for your pick-up institution, but you will need to choose the library where you are picking up the book.
    Remember that you can only request books between libraries. You can't choose the library where the book is kept.
  5. Click Request to complete your request.

You can also request books using these same steps from the book details page in the catalog. Click the title of the book to learn more about the book before you request it, then follow the steps above.

If a book is located at the Library Repository, you can have it delivered to either Johnson or Sturgis Library. We also have instructions for requesting books from the Repository.

If you have difficulties making the request, please call the Research Help desk at 470-578-6325 for Sturgis Library or at 470-578-7471 for Johnson Library.

Items in the following locations cannot be requested for Owl Swoop delivery:

  • Sturgis Microform (Kennesaw Campus) 
  • Teacher Resource and Activity Center - Difazio Collection 
  • Teacher Resource and Activity Center 
  • Sturgis Reference Collection (Kennesaw Campus) 
  • Bentley Rare Book Gallery 
  • Foreign Language Resource Collection 
  • Archives (Kennesaw Campus) 
  • Johnson Special Collection (Marietta Campus) 
  • Sturgis Reserves (Kennesaw Campus) 
  • Johnson Circulation Desk (Marietta Campus) 
  • Center for Literacy and Learning, SMGE 
  • Center for Literacy and Learning, EECE 
  • Johnson Bound Journals (Marietta Campus) 
  • Johnson Reference (Marietta Campus) 
  • Johnson Architecture Projects (Marietta Campus) 
  • Archives (Marietta Campus) 
  • Technical Services (Kennesaw Campus) 
  • Visual Arts Resource Center 
  • Johnson Atlas (Reference, Marietta Campus)

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For more help, email the ILL Office or call 470-578-6002 with any questions.

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