Q: How do I find a newspaper article written on the day of my birthday?


To find a newspaper article written on a particular day, such as your birthday:

  1. Go to a newspaper database like ProQuest Newspapers. (You can find this database on the library homepage, under the Find a Database tab, under the Ps in alphabetical order.)
  2. Click on Advanced search above the search bar and under Publication date select On this date.
  3. Set the date to your birthday in Month, Day, and year (yyyy) format.
  4. If you want to see what was on the front page of the newspaper, scroll down to Document Type.  Click the box next to Front Page.
  5. Click search.

The articles that come back will be from the front page of the date you were searching for.  If you want to see the complete front page, click on "Page view -PDF" or "Page view (clickable)" at the top of the page under the headline.  Click on each article to read or print it.

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