Q: How do I find out how many times an author has been cited?


There are several places where you can find out how many times an author has been cited by other scholars.

InCites (currently on-campus access only) offers citation reports and impact factors. To access this database, click on the Find a Database on the library homepage and select at the top of the page. You will have to create an account by entering your email (school or personal email), creating a password, and filling out some user profile information. Once logged in, make sure that Analytics is highlighted in orange and click on the People link under Explore InCites Data. Search by the author's name and select Update Results at the bottom of the page to view the number of times cited.

Another method is through Scopus, located under "Find a Database," and by selecting "S". From here all you need to do is search for the author in which you are interested. You can do this either by selecting author in the dropbox next to the search box or by searching for a particular article that was written by the author. Once you've found an article, click on the author's hyperlinked name. Next to Citations on this author's individual page, you will see a total number of citations.

You can also find how many times an author has been cited is by using Google Scholar. This method, however, will only allow you to view certain authors' numbers of citations. Find Google scholar under "Databases by Title," and by selecting "G." Here, you also simply search by the author's name or an article he/she has written. Before clicking on the title of the article you will notice the name of the author below. Hover over the name. If it allows you to click on the name, you can see the number of citations under Citation indices.

A fourth way to do this search is by using Web of Science, which can be located by clicking on "Find a Database" and by selecting "W". Again, search either by the author's name or an article he/she has written. This time, click on the hyperlinked title and then click on the author's name. This will bring up a new list of results only by the author you are looking for. On the right side of this page, click on Create Citation Report. You will see a summary of the number of citations for this author on the right.

Please keep in mind that none of these methods may be a complete list of all times an author is cited since each searches different databases and sources.

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