Q: How do I access the KSU oral history interviews?


The KSU Oral History Project was initiated in 1973 by Dr. Thomas Scott, professor Emeritus of History at Kennesaw State University. Dr. Scott began the project by conducting interviews focusing on Cobb County. Over the years, the project has grown immensely and now includes nine series:

Series 1: Cobb County Oral History Series, 1973 –

Series 2: Kennesaw College Oral History Series, 1978 – 1985

Series 3: Kennesaw State University Oral History Series, 1986 –

Series 4: Cherokee County Oral History Series, 1992

Series 5: Georgia Government Oral History Series, 1998

Series 6: North Georgia Oral History Series, 1998 – 2000

Series 7: Cobb NAACP/Civil Rights Series, 2009 – 2010

Series 8: Marietta Housing Authority Series, 2011

Series 9: Southern Polytechnic State University Series, 2014- 

 Interviews may be available in a variety of formats, including sounds and video recordings as well as paper transcripts.

Methods for research: Students desiring to experience KSU’s oral histories have a few different options for access. There are three main ways to access KSU’s oral history interviews:  

 Method 1: Archon database

 What is Archon?

Archon is a database that provides access to finding aids for collections in the KSU Archives. 

When do I use Archon to access oral history interviews?

Patrons can use Archon when they would like to browse the oral history project holistically, or when they would like to search the collection more specifically, perhaps using a keyword search. The Archon database is especially useful for patrons who have a topic, subject, geographic area, or interviewee in mind but would like more information about to take advantage of the oral history collection as a whole.

How do I search for oral history interviews in Archon?

1: Go to

2:  Select Collections tap on the top of the screen, then click on K

3. From the list, select KSU/45/05/001 Kennesaw State University Oral History Project, 1973– OR type “oral history” into the search box, select Records and Manuscripts, then select Kennesaw State University Oral History Project, 1973 –   

4. For contextual information about the project, use the links on the left side of the screen. 

5: To view and listen to all digitally accessible interviews, select On-line Images/Records underneath the Scope and Contents Note on the right side of the screen

6: To view details about all interviews in the collection, such as their available formats, select a series to view under Detailed Description

7: To access interviews that have not been digitized, fill out a Service Request Form on the KSU Archives website ( to consult an archivist

 *Note: Patrons who identify and would like to digitally access oral history interviews that have not yet been digitized should allow two weeks for the material to become available. If patrons must have access to the digitized material earlier, payment may be required. Please be aware that the auditory quality of interviews may vary.     

 Method 2: SOAR

 What is SOAR?

SOAR stands for Scholarly Online Access Repository (SOAR). It is the KSU Archives’ digital repository used to ingest, store, preserve, describe, and make accessible both born-digital and digitized materials within the KSU Archives.

 When do I use SOAR to access oral history interviews?

Patrons should use SOAR to access digitized interviews only. If a patron knows that a certain interview has been digitized, or if patrons are only interested in interviews that have been digitized, SOAR is the best place to begin searching.

 How do I search for oral history interviews in SOAR?

1: Go to

2: Select “KSU Collections”

3: Select “KSU Oral History Project”

4: Search or choose the interviews

 *Note: The Cobb NAACP/Civil Rights Oral History Series and the Kennesaw State University Oral History Series are digitized entirely. All other collections are selectively digitized.

Method 3: KSU Archives reading room

Where is the KSU Archives reading room?

The KSU Archives reading room is located on the second floor of the Sturgis Library, inside the Archives, Rare Books, and Records Management space (rooms 209-227). 

When do I use the reading room to access oral history interviews?

The reading room contains bound transcripts of most oral history interviews. These transcripts are in alphabetical order according to the interviewee’s last name. Patrons should use the reading room if they know the name of the interviewee they are interested in or if they want to browse and read hard copies of interview transcripts.

How do I search for oral history interviews in the Archives reading room?

Interview transcripts are arranged according to the last name of the interviewee.

*Note: Not all oral history interviews have transcripts. Some interviews dealing with interesting subjects such as the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the history of aircraft manufacturing lack transcripts. Patrons should consult an archivist regarding access to these interviews.

KSU Archives Contact Information 

Kennesaw State University Archives

Sturgis Library Building, second floor

385 Cobb Avenue, Kennesaw, GA 30144



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