Q: How do I find opinion polls or survey results?


There are lots of ways to find survey results using library resources.

  • Statistics Databases contain survey results, as well as statistics and government datasets. To search the databases listed below, go to the A-Z Databases list and choose Statistics and Datasets from the Database Types menu.
    • Polling the Nations features thousands of opinion polls dating back to 1986 and coming from more than 100 countries.
      1. After you open Polling the Nations, enter your search terms in the search bar
      2. The search results page will list all the questions that match your search terms. Click on the question to view the whole question, the responses to the question, and information about the polling organization
    • Statista is another library database with survey results from a variety of topics. Statista aggregates statistical data from thousands of sources to create reports that are categorized into market sectors. Although Statista is often used for market research and industry analysis, it contains the results of thousands of surveys from public and private sources.
      1. After you open Statista, enter your search terms
      2. To view only survey results, make sure that only the Statistics box on the left side is checked and click Refresh
      3. To view aggregated survey results, check the Statista dossiers and reports box and click Refresh
  • Newspaper databases can also contain opinion poll results, because many opinion polls are conducted by media outlets. To search the databases listed below, go to the A-Z Databases list and choose Newspapers from the Database Types menu.
    • Nexis Uni contains thousands of newspapers from all over the world.
      1. After you open Nexis Uni, click "Advanced Search" under the search box
      2. Using the "Select a specific content type" menu, choose News
      3. Enter your keywords in the Advanced Search box
      4. Enter "poll! OR survey!" in the "Any of these terms" search box, then click the "Add" button
        1. ​Using the ! at the end of the words will search for any word that starts with the root word. Searching for poll! will give you news articles that include the words poll, polls, and polling.
        2. Using the word OR between poll and survey will return news articles about both polls and surveys.
    • Other databases, like Newspaper Source or ProQuest Newspapers, include the full text of major newspapers from around the world. Newspaper Source also includes radio and television transcripts.
      1. After you open the database, click Advanced Search
      2. Enter your keywords in the first search box
      3. Enter "survey OR poll" in the second search box
      4. Click Search
    • To search a single newspaper, follow the steps to search a specific publication, then follow the steps above.

In addition to library resources, you can also find survey results online:

  • The Pew Research Center conducts polls and research on issues, attitudes, and trends in the United States and around the world.
  • The Kaiser Family Foundation researches health care issues in the United States.
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