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Q: Where are the photocopiers?


Sturgis Library (Kennesaw)

There are four Ricoh printers/copiers available on the ground floor of the library, one on the second floor on the south side next to the stairwell, and one on the third floor in room 302E. The color printers/copiers are marked with a rainbow image on the front right above the paper trays.

Printing/Copying costs 10 cents a page for black & white and 50 cents a page for color, using money added to your KSU ID card.  Money may be added to your card at any K-Cash machine on campus, or through the web at K-Cash Manager.  There is a K-Cash machine located in the Information Commons next to the middle computer across from the Research Help Desk.  For cash, the minimum you can add is $1.00.  For credit cards, the minimum you can add is $10.00.  Online, the minimum is $10.00.

If you are not a KSU student, staff, or faculty member, you may purchase a guest print card to use.  Guest print cards cost two dollars and can be purchased at any K-Cash machine on campus. You then need to add additional money to the card to be able to print. The library K-Cash machine only takes cash or credit card.

Once you print from your computer, your print job can be released from any of the 6 Ricoh computers in the library, as well as any other Ricoh printer on campus.

Johnson Library (Marietta)

There are two Ricoh printers/copiers available for student use. Students and guests can print black/white or/and color using these printers. The printing costs are the same as the Sturgis library.

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