Q: How do I link to a Films on Demand Video in Soft Chalk?


Films On Demand has a tremendous amount of content that you can link to when creating content in Soft Chalk. Access to content Off-Campus is restricted to KSU users and will require Net ID & Password.

Step #1: Films on Demand 

1. Find the segment you want in FOD

2. Click on the segment title

3. Click on "Embed/Link". Copy the link in the field "Segment URL".

Step #2: Soft Chalk Create

1. Create the item (text, images etc) to add the link to

2. Select/Highlight the Item

highlighted text in Soft Chalk Create

3. Select the "Hyperlink" tool -

4. Paste the link into the "URL" field

Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box in Soft Chalk Create

Step #3: Viewing FOD video Off Campus

  • Off-Campus Access - Requires Net ID & Password


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