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Q: Is food and/or drinks allowed in the library? Is smoking and/or vaping allowed in the library?


Food and Drink

Food and drink are allowed in most areas of the Sturgis and Johnson Libraries, but the Library asks for your cooperation in observing the following set of conditions:

  • NO FOOD in any collaborative technology rooms (interactive media tables with monitors).
  • Drinks MUST BE COVERED by a lid or cap where computer equipment is located.
  • No foods that have a strong odor or that have distracting sounds.
  • Food deliveries are not allowed in the Library.
  • Discard all trash in waste bins.

Clean up spills as soon as possible (ask at the Check-Out Desk if assistance is needed), and contact a library employee if other assistance is needed or with policy enforcement.

You may find the full Food and Drink Policy on the Library's website.

Smoking and Vaping

KSU is a smoke- and tobacco-free university. This means that you cannot have any forms of tobacco anywhere on campus, including in the library. Forms of tobacco include:

  • cigarettes
  • cigars
  • pipes or other smoking devices like hookahs
  • smokeless tobacco in any form
  • e-cigarettes or other devices that simulate the use of tobacco

Violators will be reported to the KSU Department of Public Safety & University Police. If you need to report someone to the campus police, you can use the LiveSafe app, or contact the campus police directly:

  • Emergency phone number: 470-578-6666
  • Non-Emergency phone number:
    • Johnson (Marietta): 470-578-7276
    • Sturgis (Kennesaw): 470-578-6206
  • Text Line: 770-356-3866
  • Non-Emergency E-mail:
  • Tipster Line (Report Anonymously): 470-578-6305
  • Public Safety Personnel Compliments/Complaints

You can read the full Smoke-free and Tobacco-free Policy on the KSU Policy website. You can also read the KSU Smoke/Tobacco-Free FAQs for more information.

For more information

For more help, call or visit one of our Check Out Desks:

Sturgis Library at Kennesaw (Ground Floor): 470-578-6202
Johnson Library at Marietta (First Floor): 470-578-7276

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