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Q: Can I print special format material like posters, books, two-sided at the library?


Printing Special Format Material

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Undergraduate Research Poster Printing

The KSU Library System and Office of Undergraduate Research offers a poster printing service to undergraduate researchers. NOTE - this service is only for undergraduates that are lead authors and primary presenters of research requiring a poster. For details about this no charge service, go Undergraduate Research Poster Printing.

Posters and Oversized Printing

All library printers have letter-sized paper (8½" x 11"). Some library printers have legal-sized paper (8½" x 14") as well as tabloid-sized paper (11" x 17"). Please visit the Check Out Desk (Sturgis Library) or the Hive Tech Desk (Johnson Library) to make sure you use the printer with the correct size paper.

There is no designated oversize printer on campus, so you will need to check before printing. However, there are some specialty printers available on campus:

In addition, you may want to explore printing options and prices at the Talon Express Services - Campus Print Shop on the Kennesaw campus.

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Double-Sided Printing

You may print double-sided (duplex) on library printers. Printing double-sided costs 10 cents a side for black and white and 50 cents a side for color. To print double-sided, follow these instructions:

On a PC:

In Word or PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat):

  1. Choose Print.
  2. Click "Print on both sides of paper".

On a Mac:

In Word:

  1. Choose Print.
  2. Where it says "Copies and Pages" select the drop down menu and click "Layout".
  3. There will be an option for two-sided printing.

In PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat):

  1. Choose Print.
  2. Check the box that says Print on Both Sides of Paper.

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Book Printing

The KSU Library System is not able to print or bind books. The Teacher Resource & Activity Corner (TRAC) has several types of binding equipment that KSU students and TRAC members can use. The Talon Express - Campus Print Shop on the Kennesaw Campus also has binding services.

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Bring My Own Paper Printing

At this time KSU Copy/Print Service policies do not allow printing using your own paper at any campus copier/printer. This policy includes library copier/printers.

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Thesis Binding

The library no longer binds theses or dissertations. Instead, all such material is posted electronically in the Digital Commons@ Kennesaw State University. For more information about submitting your thesis or dissertation to the Digital Commons, please consult "Digital Commons @ Kennesaw State University: A Contributor's Guide".

Individuals wishing to have a bound copy of their thesis or dissertation are recommended to consult with a Print-On-Demand service, such as Alternatively, if they wish for a more traditional binding, they may contact a service like the HF Group in North Carolina at (336) 931-0800.

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For more information

For more help, call or visit:

Kennesaw: Sturgis Library Checkout Desk (Ground floor) 470-578-6202

Marietta: Johnson Library Checkout Desk (1st floor) 470-578-7276

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