Q: Where is microfilm located?


Microfilm are currently housed in two separate locations: on the 3rd floor of the Sturgis Library, and off-site at the Library Repository. Johnson Library does not have microfilm or microfilm machine.To request microfilm to be brought to campus from the off-site Repository, please follow these instructions.

The Microfilm Machine is located on the north side of the third floor of the Sturgis Library, next to the microfilm cabinets. It is called the ST ViewScan II.

The ST ViewScan II scanner views and scans 35mm and 16mm microfilm, microfiche, ultrafiche (LAC & LEL collection), and aperture cards. Once images are scanned, you may email them, save them to a USB device, or print them.

  1. Login with your KSU NetID and password. Students, faculty and staff should be able to print from any campus printer.
  2. Launch ViewScan Premium, select mode, and pull handle on ViewScan machine. Load film under the guides and raised top glass. If the light on the scanner does not turn on, please restart the computer.
  3. Use physical or on-screen buttons to advance the film.
  4. On ViewScan Premium software, use tools at the top bar to make adjustments (set brightness level, rotate the image, invert positive and negative image, and use other options).
  5. Under the Browse Tab you may instant print from the top left button or scan the full page using the Capture Full Frame button in the bottom left corner.
  6. Under the Cropping Tab, you may crop the image to select only the information you need.
  7. Under the File Tab, you may choose how to save, share, or print your scans. We highly recommend that you save your scans to a flash drive or your KSU OneDrive account before printing or logging out.

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