Q: How do database trials work?


The KSU Library System trials databases twice a year, during the fall and spring semesters. We announce upcoming database trials through KSU Inform, OwlTV, and other forums in the libraries and across the KSU campuses.

How do you choose databases to trial?

Databases selected for trials are chosen based on how well they may support the university's curriculum. Databases are suggested by librarians, faculty members, and students. In fall and spring semesters, members of the library faculty use these suggestions to determine which databases will be trialed during the upcoming trial period. This group of faculty members is called the Collection Development Advisory Group.

What does the Collection Development Advisory Group do?

The Collection Development Advisory Group is made up of a group of Selector Librarians and advises the Collection Development Unit on acquiring new databases.

The Collection Development Advisory Group evaluates all databases requested for trial based on content and existing curricular support. Each individual database trial is available for a minimum of three weeks, and access to each database trial is available on the Current Trial Databases page on the library website. 

How do I participate in database trials?

The KSU Library System asks the KSU community to test out the databases available for trial, and then to fill out a Database Trial Survey. This survey is only available during the active trial period. The link to the survey can be found on the Current Trial Databases webpage. The Collection Development Advisory Group uses the survey responses to assess each database available for trial.

After all database trials have ended, the Collection Development Advisory Group meets to evaluate each trialed database using the feedback from the Database Trial Survey. The survey responses help the Collection Development Advisory Group make purchase recommendations.

Does a database trial mean we will subscribe to the database?

A database trial does not guarantee a subscription to the database. The KSU Library System's database subscriptions are based on our budget, and our ability to acquire a database is dependent upon available funds. The Collection Development Advisory Group's purchase recommendations are kept on file until funds become available.

How do I recommend a database for trial?

If you would like to recommend a database for trial consideration, please fill out the Purchase Request form. You can also send your suggestions to your department's Faculty Liaison.

If you have any additional questions regarding the database trialing process or would like to send feedback, please contact the Electronic Resources Collection Development Librarian, or the Director of Collection Development.

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