Q: What are workarounds for GIL Express Requesting Issues?


Due to recent (March 10, 2022) backend changes, you may be getting GIL Express request errors. Below are two possible workarounds.

Problem #1 - Authentication Error

Error: When signing in to make a request or access your library account, you experience an authentication error.

"An error occurred" message

Fix: Clear the browser cache and restart the browser. After clearing and restarting the browser, you should be able to log in.

Problem #2 - No Drop-Down Menus

Error: Drop-down menus do not appear in Intercampus or GIL Express request forms. The drop-down menu box appears when you close the request form.

"Back to Items" menu options that may display when using the intercampus or GIL Express request forms.

Fix: Reset the request form THEN refresh the browser.  The drop-down menus should then appear correctly.

Not Errors, but Changes to the GIL Express Universal Catalog

All records have a gray 'Check for available services' message. Before the recent backend changes an orange message 'Check availability from other USG libraries' displayed under records that had GIL Express availability and gray messaging meant no library had it physically.

Also, when you then see the list of institutions, now all display a green 'Available in institution' message.  Only once you click the institution name do you see that the book is available or checked out.

Finally, the appropriate Systems personnel are aware of these issues and are working to correct them. Thank you for your patience.

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For more help, email the ILL Office or call 470-578-6002 with any questions.

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