Q: What is Lean Library and how do I use it?


Lean Library is a browser extension that tells you when the KSU Library System can give you free access to an article or book.

How to download the Lean Library browser extension

  • Go to and download your browser’s extension (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.).
  • Click on the button titled “Add to [Web Browser of Your Choice]."
    • Note that the extension you download, should mirror the web browser you are using.
    • Once the extension has been added to your browser it will appear as a button titled LL.
  • Click on the LL button and select Kennesaw State University as your institution and then save your settings.

How to use the Lean Library browser extension

  • Activate your KSU credentials by using DUO to log into either the library’s SuperSearch database or your KSU email.
  • Navigate to your preferred search engine (ex. Google,, etc.) and click on the LL button to activate the extension.
    • The extension will only be active while you are on this website.
  • Search for articles or eBooks as you normally would, and the extension will notify you when the library can give you free access to an article or eBook.
  • Click on the pop-up link to navigate to a library webpage and access your source.

Common Questions

Does Lean Library tell me if we have access to physical books?

  • No, Lean Library will only tell you if the library has an electronic copy of a book.

Can Lean Library tell me if we have access to a different version of a book?

  • No, Lean Library connects you to the specific copy of the book that you are searching for. It cannot find older or newer versions of that book.

Will Lean Library automatically turn on?

  • No, you need to authenticate your KSU credentials and then activate the Lean Library browser extension on the website you are viewing.

Can Lean Library give me access to newspaper articles?

  • If the library subscribes to that newspaper the Lean Library browser extension will provide you access to that article.

For more information

For more help, email the Research and Instructional Services department, or call or visit one of our Research Help Desks:

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Johnson Library at Marietta: First Floor, Room C-125, 470-578-7471


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