Q: How do I print as a guest at the library?


Guest K-Cash cards are available for purchase for printing and copying. Both the Sturgis Library (Kennesaw Campus) and the Johnson Library (Marietta Campus) have guest computers for guests to use. See the procedures for printing below.

Purchase a Guest Card

Guest cards may be purchased at any K-Cash machine on campus. The Sturgis Library's K-Cash machine is located in the Learning Commons. The Johnson Library K-Cash machine is located in the Hive Computer Lab next to the Writing Center.

Guest cards cost $2.00 in exact change. Do not use any other denomination of bill to purchase a guest card, as the machine will not issue change. After purchasing the card, you must add a minimum of $1.00 onto your card (in addition to the $2.00 cost of the card). Using a credit card, you must add a minimum of $5.00 onto your card (in addition to the $2.00 cost of the card).

On the K-Cash machine:

  1. Go to the machine and select "Purchase a card."
  2. Select "Okay" to paying $2.00 for the card.
  3. If you would like a receipt of the transaction, please select "Yes." Otherwise, select "No."
  4. Choose your payment method. Remember, there is a $10.00 minimum if you use a credit card. You can put as little as $1.00 on the card if you use cash.
  5. Insert money or select the amount you want charged to your credit card.
  6. Receive your guest card. You must then swipe the card in the machine to activate it.

Use the Guest Printer

Guests may use any printer that has a card slider attached (not a tap sensor). Each library has 1 or 2 printers with this card slider attached.

There are two guest printers available in Sturgis Library. One is located in between the cabinets on the back wall near the stairwell of the ground floor of the library. Another guest printer is located on the first floor.

The Guest Printer at Johnson Library is the printer on the right in the Hive Computer Lab.

To print:

  1. Send your job to either the black and white (Guest-Print-BW) or color printer (Guest-Print-Color).
  2. After sending the document to print, you will receive a Ricoh Printer Popup window on the computer screen. Enter the K-Cash Guest Card identification number. This number is located on the reverse of the K-Cash Guest Card and starts with a "G".
  3. Go to the guest printer to release the print job. To release the job, you must swipe your K-Cash Guest Card on the side of the printer. A list of your pending documents will be shown, and you can select the job you wish to release.

For more information

If you have questions about campus computers or software, please contact UITS.

For more help, call or visit:

Kennesaw: Sturgis Library Checkout Desk (Ground floor) 470-578-6202

Marietta: Johnson Library Checkout Desk (1st floor) 470-578-7276

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