Q: How do I search for articles using JSTOR?


JSTOR is one of many databases held by the library. It contains thousands of journals in many subject areas. It is also one of the databases included in the library's SuperSearch results.


  1. Look up JSTOR in the "Find a Database" under the SuperSearch box on the library homepage.
  2. Find the Find a Database (JSTOR) using  A - Z tabs.

Searching within JSTOR

Using the Advanced Search Form:

To find only full-length articles Check the "Article" box under "Item Type".
To find only pamphlets Check the "Pamphlet" box under "Item Type".
To find only book reviews Check the "Review" box under "Item Type".
To find only content you can access through your IP or login session Check the box "Include only content I can access".
To find only content within JSTOR Uncheck the box "Include links to external content".
To find articles in specific journals or disciplines Use the checkboxes next to the Discipline and/or Journal name, or enter a journal title in the box.
To find certain words near each other in an item Enter each word in a separate box, then chose Near 5, 10, or 25 from the drop-down list on the far right.
To find a term in the author, title, abstract, or caption field Select the field you want to search from the drop down list to the right of the box.
Note: Only ~10% of articles in JSTOR have an abstract.
To find an item in a certain language Select the language from the drop down list.
To find an item published within a certain date range

Enter the range of dates as yyyy, yyyy/mm, or yyyy/mm/dd.

To select a recent search within the same session Select from the list of your searches at the bottom of the page.

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