Q: May I pick up a GIL book at another USG school closer to where I live?


You can have a GIL Express book sent to be picked up at any USG school. You can also go to any USG school and check out any circulating book in person.

Remember to bring your KSU ID with you whenever you are checking out a book, whether it's from KSU or another USG school.

Requesting books from GIL Express

When requesting a book through GIL Express, if you want to pick your book up at another school, choose that school in the "Pickup Institution" menu. Some schools have more than one library, so you may need to specify the library from the "Pickup Library" menu as well.

See our "GIL" FAQ for full instructions on requesting a book through GIL Express.

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For more help, email the ILL Office or call 470-578-6002 with any questions.

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