Q: How do I find an ethnography?


An ethnography is a study of a particular people or culture. Many modern ethnographies or ethnographic studies involve fieldwork and actually living or visiting the group under study.


The easiest way to find information on ethnographies is to use the SuperSearch on the Library's homepage.

Put in search terms such as an ethnicity, race or nationality and the subject you are interested in, using quotation marks if necessary.

  • Examples:
    • "African American" and music and culture
    • Irish and emigration

A search for "ethnography" and the name of the culture or people you're researching may produce a list of results. You can expand the results by using different terms such as "ethnographic studies" or "ethnology" or "social anthropology." You may also want to think about different terms used to describe a culture (such as "Native Americans" versus "Sioux Indians"). A research librarian can help you hone your search terms.

eHRAF World Cultures Database

We have a specific database called eHRAF World Cultures that contains basic ethnographic information on many different cultures.

To access it visit the Library's homepage, click on "Find a Database," select "E" and find "eHRAF World Cultures." Once in the database, click on "Browse CULTURES" located at the top of the page. Here you can either search or browse the list of cultures in the database. You can also browse by region or country.

Subject-specific Reference Material

The Library also has some reference books that could be of use to you:

Call number: GN307.C68 2001
Available electronically. Volumes 1-4 are also available at both Johnson Library in Marietta and Sturgis Library Reference Collection in Kennesaw.

Call number: GN495.6.C37 2004
Available at Sturgis Library Reference Collection in Kennesaw and electronically.

Call number: GN307.E53 1991
Available at Sturgis Library Reference Collection in Kennesaw.

Call number: GN495.6.D53 2003
Available at Sturgis Library Reference Collection in Kennesaw. Also available electronically. Use these instructions to search for just eBooks.

If you need more assistance, please view the Anthropology Research Guide or contact a librarian.

For more information

For more help, email the Research and Instructional Services department, or call or visit:

Kennesaw: Sturgis Library Checkout Desk (Ground floor) 470-578-6202

Marietta: Johnson Library Checkout Desk (1st floor) 470-578-7276


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