Q: How do I print from the computers in the library?


Printing Instructions/Information:

Student printing instructions:

  1. Log in to one of the public computers at the library using your NetID (aka Talon Card) and password.
  2. Once you are ready to print, select Student-Print-BW for black and white print jobs or Student-Print-Color for color print jobs. (See "Printing Costs".)
  3. Go to any Ricoh copier/printer. If you are printing black and white, you can use any machine. If you are printing color, you must use a color machine.
  4. Tap your KSU ID card (aka Talon Card) on the SmartCard Reader. You must have a KSU ID card to print or copy on any Ricoh machine. If you are a guest, you'll need a guest card.
  5. Select the print job(s) you wish to print, and press the [Print] button.
  6. Remove your printed document from tray.
  7. Tap your KSU ID Card on the SmartCard Reader again to log out.

If you have any problems, please see the Check Out Desk or Help Desk for assistance.

If you are a KSU faculty, staff, or student and you do not have your KSU ID with you, you will need to purchase a guest card to print.

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Printing Queue

Any pages or documents you send to the printer will stay in the queue for two hours. For those two hours, the documents are available from any Ricoh network printer on campus. After two hours, all the print jobs are deleted from the queue.

Printing Costs (K-Cash)

The printers do not accept cash for printing. In order to print or copy anything, you must add K-Cash to your KSU account or Guest Card. Once you print your document, you can release your job at any printer/copier on campus.

Printing and copying at both libraries costs 12 cents a page for black & white and 56 cents a page for color, using money added to your KSU ID card. You can add money at any K-Cash machine on campus, or through the web at K-Cash Manager.

K-Cash machines can take bills in any denomination, but they cannot accept change. There is a $5.00 minimum for credit/debit cards at the K-Cash machine or using the K-Cash Manager. K-Cash machines accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards.

There are K-Cash machines in both libraries. At Sturgis Library, the K-Cash machine is located in the Information Commons next to the middle computer across from the Research Help Desk. At Johnson Library, the K-Cash machine is located in the Hive near the Writing Center.

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Library Printer/Copier Locations

Sturgis Library (Kennesaw Campus)

  • Three on the ground floor located near the restrooms
  • One on the first floor located near the South stairwell
  • One on the second floor located near the South stairwell

Johnson Library (Marietta Campus)

  • Two copiers/printers in the Hive Computer Lab on the main floor next to the circular stairs.

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Printing Wirelessly (laptop or mobile device)

You may also print wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device by uploading your document to the KSU Print Center. Check out the Printing from a Laptop or Mobile Device FAQ.

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Guest Printing

If you are not a KSU student, staff, or faculty member, you may purchase a guest print card to use. Guest print cards cost $2.00, and can be purchased at any K-Cash machine on campus. You then need to add additional money to the card to be able to print, using the directions below. Once you have your guest card, follow the directions for printing with a guest card.

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For more information

If you have questions about campus computers or software, please contact UITS.

For more help, call or visit:

Kennesaw: Sturgis Library Checkout Desk (Ground floor) 470-578-6202

Marietta: Johnson Library Checkout Desk (1st floor) 470-578-7276

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